AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications

Pushover is a service that permits ye in conformiwith get hold of push notifications on you iOS or Android powered telephone then tablet. This add-on for AffiliateWP gives your affiliates the option on connecting their smartphone yet tablet via Pushover to your arm system, powered through AffiliateWP, therefore so much those obtain endeavor notifications anytime a current referral is awarded to their account.

Once the add-on is installed, a new estimate choice stand introduced in accordance with your Affiliates > Settings screen called Pushover where ye choice keep requested in accordance with add you Pushover Application key, as execute lie retrieved beside you Pushover tale settings. Once thine utility solution is entered, entire associates choice have a new field under their Settings tab of the Affiliate Area where she execute unite their Pushover User Key.

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Pushover Notifications – AffiliateWP
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Last Update: August 23, 2022
Relased: February 21, 2021
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