WooCommerce Email Attachments

Add attachments in conformity with your WooCommerce emails

With it plugin you may conjoin some kind or some wide variety concerning attachments after the electronic mail comparison generated by WooCommerce. You additionally may additionally assimilate additional CC and BCC recipients. To redact the recipients aware concerning the e mail attachments ye perform assimilate a notification headline and a notification text at the footer of the email.

The photo add or love interface

Starting including model three the plugin recognizes and helps whole emails added by way of WooCommerce plugin. Additional emails generated through WooCommerce extensions are additionally recognized, postulate it plugins use yet guide the WooCommerce email API (i.e. like the contribution or booking extensions).

Compatible along WPML

WPML is supported due to the fact version 3.0. You can reduce the notification headline or notification textual content in whole WPML languages then ye perform choose one, more or entire languages for each e-mail attachment. Depending of the user-selected language the correspondent attachment(s) yet notification texts are aged for the emails.

Attachments do stay uploaded including the standard WordPress media uploader interface.
They are stored of a resolve directory, but pleasure keep displayed within the WordPress media library. You do additionally uses them into posts or ignoble components about your site.
You perform usage a filter regarding the media modal/popup window in imitation of display solely the uploaded attachment archives or you perform display whole present media documents of thine gallery.
This filter helps thou in accordance with uses current media files out of thy libary then after quickly locate the archives who ye simply necessity to makes use of as like your electronic mail attachments.
There’s additionally no necessity in imitation of add the same files more than one instances agreement that already dwell of you media libary.

You perform also rearrange the method concerning the attachments together with a drag’n’drop interface.

With version 3 we had after trade the intimate shape then storage requirements. Older plugin versions (i.e. 2.x) be able lie updated including an automated replace script.

The usage over WordPress standards, WooCommerce APIs, cutting-edge target orientated programming (OOP) or ajax ensures a excessive stability about our plugin, or reduces the opportunity over incompatibilities along other plugins (i.e. due to same function names, etc.).

To ensure ultimate performance for your site, that plugin removes entire its entries between the database then the uploaded files beyond the server on deactivation, if ye functionate no longer necessity in imitation of uses such some more. You hold the possibility according to maintain all thine settings or information because a additional reactivation, postulate you like. You are additionally able to trade the upload folder to somebody destination over you choice, at any time. In that action whole in the meantime uploaded documents are automatically moved, and ye won’t lose someone of them.

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WooCommerce Email Attachments
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Last Update: August 1, 2022
Relased: April 7, 2021
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