WP Quiz is the #1 WordPress Quiz plugin for building powerful and beautiful quizzes. This can increase engagement for any website or blog by keeping your users glued to the page.

MyThemeShop WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin To Add Polished, Responsive & Modern Quizzes To Your Blog!

WP Quiz Pro lets you easily accumulate polished, Genial then current quizzes after your web page and blog! Increase appointment and shares whilst building thy mailing list! WP Quiz Pro makes it easy! WP Quiz Pro is the wide variety certain WordPress plugin because of building muscular yet stunning quizzes. This do make bigger appointment for anybody website yet blog by using maintaining you users glued after the page. Use quizzes in imitation of walk viral then break you jump rate! Thanks in imitation of WP Quiz Pro, that couldn’t stay easier! If ye are the type of person anybody takes a eager interest in creating high-traffic posts, you are running to amour our instant product. Viral posts are difficult after origin but wouldn’t it stay extraordinary postulate you may want to bear a approach in conformity with create some viral post afterward another? What wouldn’t thou relinquish because certain a method? Creating an strong quiz, targeted toward an enthusiastic audience, is the stolen sauce because developing multiple viral posts in a row. People can’t stop themselves beside discovering out proviso she know more touching a Movie/TV sequence than theirs friends or proviso theirs knowledge of celebrities is upto date. Viral Quiz creation is precisely the method web sites as BuzzFeed have been using after effect posts so much acquire 22 bags of pageviews yet 3 million associative shares. Now, we comprehend growing a banter is not everyone’s insincerity about tea. That’s the place we arrive in. We make it convenient for you in conformity with rout outdoors some banter afterward the lousy also salvo ye hold nothing expertise regarding coding. WP Quiz Pro top rate plugin makes developing Quizzes convenient or effortless. Five exceptional quip types are covered making definitive you hold adequate alternatives to create unique patterns over thy Quiz. call into being free visitors then effect a cluster over brand awareness including WP Quiz Pro. It is THE plugin ye bear been waiting for. Here are the a variety of picks we provide among WP Quiz Pro. Add New Quizzes

  • Trivia Quiz Type
  • Personality Quiz Type
  • Swiper Quiz Type
  • Flip Card Quiz Type
  • Facebook Quiz
  • Add Questions
  • Add Results

Different Quiz Possibilities

  • Facebook Quiz
  • Personality Quiz Single Page
  • Personality Quiz Multipage
  • Personality Quiz with Subscription Box
  • Personality Quiz FB Share after advise Results
  • Trivia Quiz Single Page
  • Trivia Quiz Multipage
  • Trivia Quiz with Subscription Box
  • Trivia Quiz FB Share to confer Results
  • Trivia Quiz including Timer
  • Flip Card Quiz Type
  • Swiper Quiz

Single Quiz Styling

  • Change Question Color
  • Choose beside 2 Unique Skins
  • Change Question Font
  • Change Question Background Color

Single Quiz Settings

  • Randomize Questions
  • Randomized Answers
  • Restart Questions
  • Enable Plugin Mention
  • Show Embed Code Toggle
  • Show then Hide Share Buttons
  • Enable Countdown Timer
  • Enable Auto Scroll according to Next Question
  • Show Correct/Incorrect Answers After Quiz
  • Force Action according to See Results
  • Show or Hide Ads beside Quiz

General Plugin Settings

  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Use MailChimp and GetResponse in imitation of Gather Email IDs
  • Enable Randomize Questions because of All Quizzes
  • Randomized Answers for All Quizzes
  • Enable Restart Questions for All Quizzes
  • Promote the Plugin Across All Quizzes
  • Option to Use MyThemeShop User ID because of Earning Commissions
  • Show Embed Code Toggle
  • Hide yet Show Share Buttons Across the Board
  • Enable then Disable OpenGraph
  • Enter Facebook ID
  • Show and Hide Ads regarding All Quizzes
  • Show Ads then every Nth question
  • Repeat Ads Enable Option
  • Countdown Timer
  • Auto Scroll Option
  • Force Action Before Results

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WP Quiz Pro – The Best WordPress Quiz Plugin – MyThemeShop
  • Version: 2.1.8
  • 1 Year Of Updates
  • Quality Checked by wp99
  • Use on Unlimited Own & Client Site
  • 100% GPL License
  • 6 Sales
  • 0 Ratings


Last Update: February 13, 2022
Relased: January 2, 2021
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